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Adjective phrases

April 25th, 2012 in English Learning

An adjective phrase performs the function of an adjective.

Study the following sentences.

He is an honorable man. (honorable – adjective)

We can replace the adjective honorable with an adjective phrase having the same meaning.

He is a man of honor. (man of honor – adjective phrase)

Churchill is an eminent man. (eminent – adjective)

Churchill is a man of eminence. (man of eminence – adjective phrase)

He leads a wicked life. (wicked – adjective)

He leads a life full of wickedness. (full of wickedness – adjective phrase)

Not all adjective phrases can be replaced by adjectives.

Desire for fame is the last infirmity of a noble mind.

In this case, the adjective phrase ‘desire for fame’ cannot be replaced by an adjective.


Replace the adjective phrases in the following sentences.

1. A tiger is an animal of great strength.

2. We must lead a life free from fear.

3. That man is full of courage.

4. This matter is of great importance.

5. Walls of stone do make a prison.

6. A child who has no home has to live in misery.

7. The subcontinent of India consists of many countries.

8. He is a man without mercy.


1. A tiger is a strong animal.

2. We must lead a fearless life.

3. He is a courageous man.

4. This is an important matter.

5. Stone walls do not make a prison.

6. A homeless child has to live in misery.

7. The Indian subcontinent consists of many countries.

8. He is a merciless man.