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Adjectives and adverbs exercise

May 19th, 2011 in Improve English

State whether the italicized words are adjectives or adverbs.

1. She spoke in a loud voice.

2. He is the only fast bowler in the team.

3. He lives in the next house.

4. He made a quiet exit through the back door.

5. He can bowl really fast.

6. You must always aim high.

7. She sings well.

8. He is the only child of his parents.

9. We started early in the morning.

10. Are you an early riser?

11. There is not much truth in what he says.

12. He succeeded by dint of hard work.


1. Loud – adjective (modifies the noun voice)

2. Fast – adjective (modifies the noun bowler)

3. Next – adjective (modifies the noun house)

4. Back – adjective (modifies the noun door)

5. Fast – adverb (modifies the verb bowl)

6. High – adverb (modifies the verb aim)

7. Well – adverb (modifies the verb sings)

8. Only – adjective (modifies the noun child)

9. Early – adverb (modifies the verb started)

10. Early – adjective (modifies the noun riser)

11. Much – adjective (modifies the noun truth)

12. Hard – adjective (modifies the noun work)