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Adverbial clauses

October 13th, 2013 in English Grammar

Adverbial clauses

A wide variety of different conjunctions are used to introduce adverbial clauses. Common conjunctions used to introduce adverbial clauses are given below.

Adverbial clauses of time: when, after, before, as soon as

  • He had left before I arrived.
  • He fell in love with a French girl when he was at university.
  • As soon as he received the telegram, he left for his native place.

Adverbial clauses of reason: because, as, since

  • She was upset because she had lost her job.
  • As he was in a bad mood, I decided not to disturb him.
  • Since he hasn’t paid the dues, we will not renew his subscription.

Adverbial clauses of purpose: so that, in order that

  • I started early so that I would not get stuck in the traffic.

Adverbial clauses of contrast: although, whereas

  • Although he works three jobs in a day, he doesn’t earn enough to support his family.
  • Alice is sociable whereas her younger sister is quite reserved.

Adverbial clause of comparison: as if, as though

  • He brought her up as if / as though she was his own child.

Adverbial clause of condition: if, provided (that), so long as, in case

  • If we miss the last bus, we will have to walk home.
  • If you find my keys, please leave it on my table.
  • I will lend you some money provided that you pay me back by Sunday.
  • You can go out to play provided that you finish your homework first.
  • You can borrow my car so long as you return it before 10 pm. (OR You can borrow my car provided that you return it before 10 pm.)