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Adverbs with two forms exercise

January 15th, 2012 in English Quiz

State whether the following sentences are correct.

1. She was deadly injured in the accident.

a) right b) wrong

2. He was dead drunk when he came home after the party.

a) right b) wrong

3. The plane goes direct from Mumbai to Chennai without stopping.

a) right b) wrong

4. That suits me finely.

a) right b) wrong

5. Hit it hardly.

a) right b) wrong

6. He can jump really highly.

a) right b) wrong

7. The show was highly amusing.

a) right b) wrong

8. Which part of the movie did you like mostly?

a) right b) wrong

9. This is the most extraordinary day of my life.

a) right b) wrong

10. They have widely differing opinions.

a) right b) wrong


1. Wrong (The sentence should read: She was fatally injured in the accident.)

2. Right

3. Right

4. Wrong (The sentence should read: That suits me fine.)

5. Wrong (The sentence should read: Hit it hard.)

6. Wrong (The sentence should read: He can jump really high.)

7. Right

8. Wrong (The sentence should read: Which part of the movie did you like most?)

9. Right

10. Right