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Attribute of the object

January 4th, 2012 in Improve English

The object is always a noun or its equivalent.

He built a house. (Here the object is a noun.)

I love him. (Here the object is a pronoun.)

We should help the needy. (Here the object is an adjective used as a noun.)

She tried to escape. (Here the object is a to-infinitive.)

She loves dancing. (Here the object is a gerund.)

The object may also have attributes like the subject.

The attribute of an object can be an article, an adjective, a possessive adjective, a noun in the possessive case, an emphatic pronoun, a participle, an adjective phrase or a to-infinitive.

He shot the tiger. (Here the attribute of the object is the article the.)

I saw a snake. (Here the attribute of the object is the article a.)

I looked at the boy’s face. (Here the attribute is a noun in the possessive case.)

We accepted their offer. (Here the attribute is a possessive adjective.)

She married James, my cousin. (Here the attribute is a noun in apposition.)

I met the manager himself. (Here the attribute is an emphatic pronoun.)

I heard him shouting. (Here the attribute is a participle.)

I saw a man bent with age. (Here the attribute is an adjective phrase.)

I have much work to do. (Here the attribute is a to-infinitive.)