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Introducing people

February 24th, 2014 in English for children

If you want to introduce someone to someone else, use This is…

This is my friend, Annie.

This is my colleague, Varun.

This is my mother, Sumitra.

This is my father, Sekhar.

This is my sister, Aditi.

This is Aditi, my friend from college.

This is Shyam, my roommate.

This is Kabir, my cousin.

To introduce a group of people, use These are…

These are my friends

These are my children, Adityan and Nivedita.

These are my colleagues, Alice and Mary.

These are my brothers.

These are my parents.

Good to know

Use this to talk about one person. Use these to talk about more than one person.

This is my son, John.

These are my sons, John and Peter.

When you are introduced to someone, you can just say Hello or Hi. In a more formal situation, you may also add, Nice to meet you / Glad to meet you / Pleased to meet you.

Here is a sample piece of conversation.

Peter: Hi Annie, this is my friend Jack.

Annie: Hi Jack. Nice to meet you.

Jack: Nice to meet you, too.

Talking about yourself

While talking to people, we often tell them some things about us. To say what your name is use I’m… or My name is…

Hi, I’m Alice – I’m a friend of your brother.

I’m Shraddha – your music teacher.

I’m Maya – I’m your teacher.

My name is John.

My name is Gautam. I’m an architect.

My name is Peter. I’m Susie’s brother.

My name is Aditi. I’m a student.

My name is Jack. I’m a doctor.

My name is Susie. I work at the super market.

My name is Peter. I’m Mary’s cousin.