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Business Letter Writing Tips

February 8th, 2010 in Letter Writing

Business letters should be brief and to the point. As we all know, business people are always busy. They will not have enough time to read long, winding letters. Unlike personal letters, business letters are written in a more formal style. Certain polite expressions such as those given below are commonly used in business letters:

‘I shall be obliged if you will send me …’
‘Please dispatch the —– at your earliest convenience’

There are also certain phrases of business jargon that should be avoided.

Examples are: ‘Dispatch the same at once’.

Expressions of this kind are commonly used in business letters, but note that they are not good English. In many cases it is also possible to convey the meaning in simple, everyday English.

Avoid abbreviations as far as possible.
For instance, write advertisement, and not advt. Write examination, and not exam.

Also avoid the tendency to omit the subjects I and we.
Write ‘We have received’ instead of ‘Have received’

Directions for shipping (by rail, air, post etc.) should be given. Also clearly state the manner in which the payment will be made.

While ordering goods, give clear and exact descriptions of the articles in the letter. It is also a good idea to provide an itemized list of the articles wanted with the quality and quantity clearly specified.

In replying to business letters always quote the number of reference if there is any and the date of the letter you are answering. For example, ‘In reply to your letter no. 304/p, dated January 5th, 1010, I would like to say’