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Expressions with catch

July 30th, 2016 in English Learning

Here are some idiomatic expressions with catch.

The word catch can have several meanings.

Catch can mean understand.

  • He said something I couldn’t catch.

When you catch your foot it becomes entangled.

  • I caught my foot in the bedspread.

Be caught in

When you are caught in you find yourself in an unwelcome situation.

  • He was caught in several controversies.

Catch your breath

To catch your breath is to recover your breath after exercise.

Catch someone’s eye

To catch someone’s eye is to get noticed by them.

  • Her colorful clothes caught everyone’s eye.

Catch on

If something catches on it becomes very popular.

Catch someone out

To catch someone out is to discover that someone has done something wrong.

Catch the sun

To catch the sun is to be in a sunny position.

Catch up

To catch up is to do tasks which you should have done earlier.

  • As she has missed several classes she is struggling to catch up.

Catch up with someone

To catch up with someone is to succeed in reaching a person who is ahead of you.

  • I couldn’t catch up with him.