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Conditional sentences exercise

April 1st, 2011 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms.

1.       If you had asked he ——————— you.

a)      Would help
b)      Would have helped
c)       Will help
d)      Could help

2.       I will give you $100 is you ——————– smoking.

a)      Stop
b)      Will stop
c)       Stopped
d)      Would stop

3.       If you asked me nicely, I ——————– you a drink.

a)      Might get
b)      May get
c)       Had got
d)      Might have gotten

4.       If the policeman had run a bit faster, he ———————— the thief.

a)      Could have caught
b)      Could catch
c)       Caught
d)      Catch

5.       Would it be alright if I ———————- a friend tonight?

a)      Bring
b)      Brought
c)       Had brought
d)      Have brought

6.       If I were rich, I ——————- all the books in the world.

a)      Would buy
b)      Would have bought
c)       Will buy
d)      Will have bought

7.       If you eat too much, you ——————– ill.

a)      Will fall
b)      Will have fallen
c)       Would fall
d)      Fell

8.       I ——————- perfectly happy if I had a car.

a)      Will be
b)      Would be
c)       Am
d)      Was

9.       If you heat ice, it ——————–

a)      Melt
b)      Melts
c)       Would melt
d)      Would have melted

10.   If I become President, I ——————- abolish taxes.

a)      Will
b)      Would
c)       Would have
d)      Had


1.       Would have helped
2.       Stop
3.       Might get
4.       Could have caught
5.       Brought
6.       Would buy
7.       Will fall
8.       Would be
9.       Melts
10.   Will