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Conditional clauses exercise

June 8th, 2011 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb.

1. If I know her name, I ———————– you.

a) Would tell
b) Will tell
c) Would have told

2. If I became the President, I ——————- taxes.

a) Would abolish
b) Will abolish
c) Would have abolished

3. If you —————– harder, you would pass your exam.

a) Worked
b) Had worked
c) Would work

4. I will phone you if I ——————- time.

a) Have
b) Had
c) Would have

5. If my nose were a little bigger, I ——————- look much better.

a) Would
b) Will
c) Would have

6. It would be nice if you ———————- me a bit with the housework.

a) Helped
b) Would help
c) Had helped

7. I will give her your love, if I ——————– her.

a) Meet
b) Met
c) Will meet

8. If the policeman had run a bit faster, he ———————– the thief.

a) Could have caught
b) Could catch
c) Caught

9. I ——————- be perfectly happy if I had a house full of kids.

a) Will
b) Would
c) Will have

10. If you eat too much, you ——————– fall ill.

a) Will
b) Would
c) Would have


1. Will tell
2. Would abolish
3. Worked
4. Have
5. Would
6. Helped
7. Meet
8. Could have caught
9. Would
10. Will