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Editing sentences: exercise 2

July 24th, 2012 in English Quiz

Each sentence given below contains a mistake. From the given options find the word or phrase which should be removed to make the sentence grammatically correct.

1. Somebody was picked my pocket yesterday.

a) was                   b) yesterday

2. The police was caught the thief yesterday.

a) was                   b) caught

3. I saw him this in the morning.

a) this                    b) the

4. Ask him for his name.

a) him                   b) for

5. I don’t know whether she will accept the invitation or not to.

a) whether         b) to

6. She asked me that where I was going.

a) that                   b) where

7. It’s the time she went to bed.

a) the                    b) went

8. I have met him yesterday.

a) have                 b) met

9. I wouldn’t have come if I were you.

a) have                 b) wouldn’t

10. The boy was killed the spider.

a) was                   b) the


1. was (The sentence should read: Somebody picked my pocket yesterday.)

2. was (The sentence should read: The police caught the thief yesterday.)
3. This (The sentence should read: I saw him in the morning.)

4. for (The sentence should read: Ask him his name.)

5. to (The sentence should read: I don’t know whether she will accept the invitation or not.)

6. that (The sentence should read: She asked me where I was going.)

7. the (The sentence should read: It’s time she went to bed.)

8. have (The sentence should read: I met him yesterday.)

9. have (The sentence should read: I wouldn’t come if I were you.)

10. was (The sentence should read: The boy killed the spider.)