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Words for entertainment

June 24th, 2012 in Vocabulary

What do people do in their free time? Although all of us have got different tastes, most of us like films, theatre and music. Here are some words you will need to talk about entertainment.

The cinema

The cinema or cinemas are theatres where films are shown. In major cities you will find multi-screen theatres that show a number of films at the same time. These theatres are called multiplex cinemas.

Films fall under different categories. U-certified films are appropriate for viewers of all ages, while A-certified films are only suitable for adults.

Films are of very many kinds. For example, there are action films that show a lot of fights, car chases etc. Horror films are films that would frighten the audience. They will usually have a storyline built around ghosts or other supernatural phenomena. Most people would enjoy comedy films which are full of humorous situations and usually have a happy ending. Films with song and dance are often called musicals. The black and white films of yesteryears are often called classics.

The theatre

A theatre is a building designed for the performance of plays to an audience. Theatres will usually have shows in the afternoon or in the evening. Afternoon shows are often called matinee.

Live music

People living in large cities are able to watch live musical performances. These are of very many kinds and include opera and classical concerts. Music itself can be classical, folk, rock or pop.