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English for the workplace

September 17th, 2015 in English for children

At the workplace, you may have to arrange to meet people or you may have to speak to people who are buying things from you. Sometimes, you may have to introduce yourself.

The phrases given in this lesson will be useful in different work situations.


When you meet people at the workplace, it is polite to say Hello.

Hello John.

In slightly more formal situations, you may use Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening.

When you meet people you don’t know, you may have to introduce yourself first. The following phrases are helpful.

Hello. I’m Mark Antony.
Hi, my name is Lorenz.

When someone introduces themselves to you, you can reply by saying ‘Pleased to meet you’, ‘Nice to meet you’, ‘Glad to meet you’.

Then tell them your name.
Nice to meet you. I’m Adam Durand.

You may also want to tell them what your work is.

Hello. I’m Merlin Fernandez.
Glad to meet you. I’m James Sullivan. I’m the marketing manager for Asia.

Say ‘Goodbye’ when you leave someone.

Goodbye Maria. I must be going.

In a less formal style, you can say ‘See you..’

See you John.
See you soon.
See you tomorrow.
See you on Monday.

To introduce a new person to a colleague, you can use the phrase ‘This is…’

Jennifer, this is Adam Walker.