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Conversations About Health Problems

March 31st, 2019 in English Learning

Here are two practice dialogues about health problems.

I have a bad cold and runny nose

Ruth: You don’t look so good. What happened?

Maria: I’ve a bad cold and a runny rose. I think I’m also running a temperature.

Ruth: Poor girl! Are you taking any medicine?

Maria: Nothing so far. Have you got anything that would make me feel better?

Ruth: Well, let me see.

Maria: OK, but quick!

Ruth: I’ve brought something for you.

Maria: Great! Bring it on.

Ruth: Here’s some cold and flu medicine. They should reduce your temperature and ease some discomfort.

Maria: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Ruth: That’s okay but don’t forget to take plenty of fluids.

I have got a nasty cough

Storyline: Vicky is worried that his cough has gotten deeper. So he goes to a doctor.

Doctor: Hi, how are you feeling?

Vicky: Horrible. I’ve a nasty cough. It gets worse at night so I can’t sleep at all.

Doctor: Do you also have a fever?

Vicky: No.

Doctor: OK. Let me listen to your chest. Please take a deep breath… exhale. Inhale…exhale. You’ve some congestion in your lungs. By the way, do you cough stuff up?

Vicky: A little, but not much.

Doctor: Well, I’ll give you some medicines to ease the chest congestion. Here’s the prescription.

Vicky: OK. Thank you.

Doctor: That’s all right and don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. Avoid cool drinks altogether.

Vicky: You got it.