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Adverbs: Exercise

February 18th, 2011 in English Quiz

Supply suitable adverbs in the following sentences. The kind of adverb you need to use is indicated in the brackets.

1.  I am not —————– sure. (Adverb of degree or manner)

2. You will —————– see the results. (Adverb of time)

3. His books are —————– written. (adverb of manner)

4. We visit them ——————–. (adverb of time or frequency)

5. He is —————— wrong. (adverb of degree)

6. He died 2 years —————-. (adverb of time)

7. Are you ——————- prepared? (adverb of manner)

8. I could not find the book ——————. (adverb of place)

9. I still remember the day —————– I first met her. (relative adverb)

10. ——————- did you break my windows? (interrogative adverb)

11. That was —————— he hit back. (relative adverb)

12. He did not work, ——————– he failed. (adverb of reason)

13. He said the same thing ——————- (adverb of frequency)

14. My work is ——————- finished. (adverb of degree or quantity)

15. Please come ——————-. (adverb of place)


1. quite
2. now
3. well
4. often
5. quite
6. ago
7. well
8. anywhere
9. when
10. why
11. when
12. therefore
13. twice
14. almost
15. here


The given answers are only indicative and alternatives are possible. Try to do the exercise on your own and refer to the answers only when you are in doubt.