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Expressions about numbers

September 1st, 2013 in Expressions

Dressed up (to) the nines

Used to refer to a person who is wearing very fashionable clothes for a special occasion.

  • She must be going to a party or something. She is dressed up to the nines.

Be ten a penny / two a penny

If something is ten a penny, it is very common.

  • Software engineers are ten a penny these days.

Eleventh hour

If something happens at the eleventh hour, it happens at the last possible moment.

Talk nineteen to the dozen

To talk nineteen to the dozen is to talk quickly and without stopping.

  • She was so excited about getting the job that she was talking nineteen to the dozen.

Forty winks

A short sleep, especially, after dinner.

Go fifty-fifty

To go fifty-fifty is to share the cost of something equally.

  • When I eat out with my friends, I prefer to go fifty-fifty.

Look like a million dollars

When you look like a million dollars, you look very attractive.

  • She looked like a million dollars on her wedding day.

Last-ditch effort

A last-ditch effort is a final, desperate attempt to do something

  • I made one last-ditch effort to save our relationship, but that didn’t help.

On somebody’s last legs

When a person is on his legs, he is very ill and likely to die soon.

  • The old man is on his last legs, but there is still no end to his wickedness.

Last straw that breaks the camel’s back

The last in a series of unpleasant events which finally makes you aware that you can no longer continue.