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Finance idioms

February 11th, 2015 in English Learning

Call on (someone)

To call on someone is to ask them to speak.

The chairperson called on me to speak at the conference.

Captain of industry

This expression is used to refer to an important business person.

Carry the day

To carry the day is to win complete support; to be successful.

At the beginning of the match we thought that our team would carry the day but we didn’t.

Carry through with (something)

To carry through with something is to put it into action.

The civic authority said that they would carry through with their plan to demolish the theatre.

Carve out a niche

To carve out a niche is to focus on a particular segment of a market and become the most influential player in it.

When competition is tough, it is better to carve out a niche and try to excel in it.

Come on strong

When you come on strong, you behave aggressively.

She often comes on strong, but she is a soft person at heart.

Corner the market

To corner the market is to dominate a particular market

Apple iPhones have cornered the smartphone market in many parts of the world.

Crunch numbers

To crunch numbers is to do mathematical calculations.

There is no point in pursuing a career in finance if you do not love to crunch numbers.


Cut back

To cut back on expenses is to reduce them.

If you really want to save some money, you need to cut back on your expenses.