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Fitness Idioms

October 18th, 2014 in Expressions

Alive and kicking

If somebody is alive and kicking, they are well and healthy. The expression ‘alive and well’ means the same.

  • Although my grandmother is ninety-five, she is very much alive and kicking.
  • The runner was alive and well after finishing the marathon.

As fit as a fiddle

If somebody is as fit as a fiddle, they are physically fit.

  • My grandfather is as fit as a fiddle. He can still run two miles at a stretch.

As pale as a ghost

If someone looks as pale as a ghost, they are extremely pale. The expression ‘as pale as death’ also means the same.

  • She had lost a lot of blood and looked as pale as a ghost.

At death’s door

If someone is at death’s door, they are very near death.

  • My grandmother is at death’s door. She has been ailing for years.

Back on one’s feet

When you are back on your feet, you regain health after being ill for some time.

  • My mother had been ill for almost two months, but now she is back on her feet again.

Bitter pill to swallow

This expression is used to refer to an unpleasant truth that you have to accept.

  • Failing the test was a bitter pill to swallow, but I plan to make another attempt next year.


If something is black and blue, it shows signs of physical injury.

  • His arms and legs were black and blue after he fell off the ladder.

Black out

To black out is to lose consciousness.

  • The footballer blacked out after hitting the ball with his head.

Break down

To break down is to lose control of your emotions.

  • The woman broke down while narrating her tragic experiences.