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Phrasal verbs with go and give – Quiz

September 1st, 2010 in Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrasal verbs.

1. Is it wise to —————- appearances?

a) go with
b) go by
c) go down
d) go for

2. Prices of essential commodities have —————- in recent years.

a) gone by
b) gone up
c) gone with
d) gone off

3. The pistol ————– all of a sudden.

a) went down
b) went on
c) went off
d) went up

4. Suddenly all the lights ———————-

a) went out
b) went off
c) went on
5. went up

5. This watch isĀ  —————— $50.

a) going for
b) going after
c) going on
d) going up

6. The manager promised to —————— the matter himself.

a) go into
b) go in for
c) go out
d) go by

7. Finding further resistance useless, he —————–

a) gave in
b) gave out
c) gave over
d) gave way

8. The doctor asked him to ——————- smoking.

a) give in
b) give up
c) give away
d) give out

9. The president —————— the prizes.

a) gave away
b) gave up
c) gave in
d) gave forth

10. Because of his being the son of a minister, he ————— very lightly.

a) got off
b) got on
c) got over
d) got through


1. go by (judge from)
2. gone up (increased)
3. went off (fired)
4. went out (extinguished)
5. going for (selling for)
6. go into (examine)
7. gave in (surrendered)
8. give up (stop doing something)
9. gave away (distributed)
10. got off (escaped punishment)