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Have: Common expressions

November 22nd, 2010 in Improve English

The structure ‘have + object’ is often used to talk about actions and experiences. This is common in an informal style.

Let’s have a drink.
Have a nice time.
She said that she was going to have a bath.
I have breakfast at 8 am.

    In expressions like these, have can mean ‘enjoy’, ‘eat’, ‘drink’, ‘experience’ or many other things. The exact meaning of the expression depends upon the following noun.

    Common expressions with have

    Have is used in a number of common expressions:

    have breakfast / have lunch / have supper / have dinner / have tea / have coffee / have a drink / have a meal
    Have a bath / have a wash / have a shave / have a shower
    have a rest / have a lie-down / have a sleep / have a dream
    have a good time / have a bad day / have a nice evening / have a day off / have a holiday
    have a good journey /have a flight / have a trip
    have a talk /have a chat / have a word with somebody / have a conversation / have a quarrel / have a fight / have a row
    have a walk / have a swim / have a ride / have a dance
    have a try / have a go / have a look

      Have can also mean ‘receive’.

      I have had a phone call from my boss. (= I have received a phone call from my boss.)

      Won’t have can mean ‘won’t allow’.

      I won’t have her in my house. (= I won’t allow her in my house.)

      In expressions like these, have is used as the principal verb. Questions and negatives are made with do. Got is not used.

      I had a nice holiday.
      Did you have a nice holiday? (NOT Had you a nice holiday?)