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Phrasal verbs with hold

November 4th, 2016 in English Learning

Here is a list of phrasal verbs using the word hold. Each one is followed by its meaning. Example sentences are also given.

Hold something against

To hold something against somebody is to continue to feel resentful about something they have done.

  • He still holds grudges against his step-brother.

Hold off

This expression is mainly used to talk about bad weather. When something holds off, it fails to occur.

  • We are glad that the storm held off.

Hold something off

To hold something off is to postpone it.

  • The meeting has been held off.

Hold someone off

To hold someone off is to resist an attacker or a challenge.

  • James was a strong opponent but Bill held him off.

Hold back

To hold your emotions back is to resist them.

  • Although she was upset, she managed to hold back her tears.

Hold down

To hold someone down is to keep them down.

  • The heavy stone held him down and he couldn’t get up.

If something holds you down, it prevents you from advancing.

  • He had a disability that held him down.