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Idioms with letter A

July 3rd, 2012 in Vocabulary

Above board

If something is above board, it’s thoroughly honest.

We are very particular that all dealings must be above board.

Above the law

If somebody is above the law, they are not subject to the laws of a civil society.

I told him that he would get caught if he did that. After all, nobody is above the law.

Achilles’ heel

Used to refer to a fatal flaw that could lead to a person’s failure.

His addiction to drugs was his Achilles’ heel.

Across the board

If something is across the board, it applies to all categories or members.

The management has raised wages across the board.

Add fuel to the fire

To add fuel to the fire is to do something that would make a bad situation even worse.

You can’t restore peace by yelling at a three year old. Worse still, it might just add fuel to fire.

Add insult to injury

To add insult to injury is to do something that would hurt the feelings of a person who has already been hurt.

Against all odds / against all the odds

If you do something against all odds, you manage to do it even though you had to face many problems.

He managed to set up his business against all odds.

Agree to disagree

If two people agree to disagree, they accept that they have different opinions about something and they have no problems with that.

Ahead of the game

To be ahead of the game is to have an advantage over your competitors.

Apple was the first company to launch a nice tablet with an affordable price tag. And they are still ahead of the game in the tablet sector.