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Synthesis of Sentences

January 7th, 2010 in English Grammar, English Learning

Read the sentences given below:

He heard a shout. He ran away.
Hearing a shout, he ran away.

Here the first two sentences are combined into a single sentence in the third one. This process is called synthesis. Synthesis is the opposite of analysis. It means the joining of two or more sentences into one new sentence – simple, compound or complex.

Ways of combining two or more simple sentences into one simple sentence

By using a participle

Two simple sentences can be combined into one simple sentence by using a participle. This is possible only when the two sentences have a common subject.

I finished the job. I went home.
Having finished the job I went home.

He walked up to her. He asked her what her name was.
Walking up to her he asked what her name was.

The boy jumped on his bike. He rode to the market.
Jumping on his bike the boy rode to the market.

He opened the cage. He let the parrot out.
Opening the cage he let the parrot out.

The boy saw a snake. He ran away.
Seeing a snake the boy ran away.

By Using the Absolute construction

Two simple sentences can be joined into one by using the absolute construction. This method is adopted when the sentences have different subjects.

The Chairman took his seat on the dais. The meting began.
The chairman having taken his seat on the dais, the meeting began.

The rain stopped. We set out on our journey.
The rain having stopped we set out on our journey.

The monsoon started. The village roads became muddy.
The monsoon having started the village roads became muddy.

By using an infinitive

Two simple sentences can be joined into one by using an infinitive.

You must love and respect your parents. It is your duty.
It is your duty to love and respect your parents.

It is very hot. We can’t go out now.
It is too hot for us to go out now.

The box was too heavy. I could not lift it.
The box was too heavy for me to lift it.

I have some work. I must do it now.
I have some work to do now.