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Scenery vocabulary

June 24th, 2012 in Vocabulary

Our earth is full of beautiful scenery. Here are the words you will ever need to describe the landscape.


Cliffs are the high mountains that you can often see at the edge of the sea. The best thing about cliffs is that they offer a panoramic view over the sea.

Bay: a bay is a curved-part of the seashore.


A beach is a sea-shore covered in sand or pebbles. Beaches attract tourists from all over the world.

Coast: the sea-shore and the land close to it. Beaches are a part of the coast.


Mountains are a sight to lo and behold. They often sport snow-capped peaks which look absolutely spectacular against the skyline. A peak is the top of a mountain. It can also be called a summit. Mountains are generally rocky areas with no vegetation growing on them. However, the valleys which are the low-lying areas around mountains can be very fertile.

A hill is a high piece of land with sloping sides. The top of a hill is called a hilltop. Hills often sport attractive scenery. Needless to say, they attract loads of visitors. Hill stations are tourist areas developed around hills. Some of the world’s most famous tourist spots are hill stations.

Forests are large areas of land covered with trees. Woods are small forests that stretch over shorter areas.

Water bodies

Rivers are large streams of water that drain into seas or oceans. A stream is a narrow path of water. Streams usually run into rivers.

Lakes are enclosed water bodies.

An ocean is a really large water body. Oceans comprise almost two-thirds of the earth’s surface.

A desert is a large area of very dry, often sandy, land. Desert areas are not very habitable.