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No sooner…than…

June 5th, 2014 in English Learning

The expression ‘no sooner…than’ is used to suggest that one action or situation takes place/took place immediately after another action or situation.

When ‘no sooner’ goes at the beginning of the sentence, we use an inverted word order. That means the auxiliary verb goes before the subject.

Study the examples given below.

The train arrived at the station. Soon the passengers rushed towards it.

No sooner had the train arrived at the station than the passengers rushed towards it.

Another example is given below.

The teacher entered the classroom. Suddenly the students stood up.

No sooner did the teacher enter the classroom than the students stood up.


Combine the following sentences using ‘No sooner…than…’

1. She read the telegram. She fainted at once.

2. The thieves saw the police. They ran away at once.

3. The child started crying. His mother lifted him up at once.

4. I went to bed. Soon I fell asleep.

5. I took a dose of the medicine. Soon I started feeling better.

6. He reached the bus station. The bus came at once.

7. The driver saw the signal. He applied the brake at once.


1. No sooner did she read the telegram than she fainted.

2. No sooner did the thieves see the police than they ran away.

3. No sooner did the child start crying than his mother lifted him up.

4. No sooner did I go to bed than I fell asleep.

5. No sooner did I take a dose of medicine than I started feeling better.

6. No sooner did he reach the bus station than the bus came.

7. No sooner did the driver see the signal than he applied the brake.