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One word for a group

March 14th, 2013 in Vocabulary

Give one word for the following phrases.

1. A post which carries no salary

a) honorary      b) honorable    c) gracious d) none of these

2. A place were birds are kept

a) aquarium     b) aviary          c) kennel          d) sty

3. Liable to catch fire easily

a) irreparable   b) irresistible    c) inflammable            d) insolvent

4. One who knows or sees everything

a) omnipotent  b) omniscient   c) omnipresent             d) none of these

5. Incapable of being seen through

a) obsolete       b) opaque        c) transparent              d) none of these

6. A man with an evil reputation

a) famous        b) celebrated   c) notorious                 d) well-known

7. Power of reading the thoughts of others immediately

a) homeopathy                        b) telepathy     c) psychology  d) none of these

8. Incapable of being heard

a) audible        b) inaudible     c) plausible      d) invisible

9. That which will last for a long time

a) lifelong        b) durable        c) permanent   d) imperishable

10. A list of books

a) library          b) biography    c) monograph              d) catalogue

11. A person who cannot read or write

a) literate         b) illiterate       c) ignorant       d) learned

12. Periodical published twice in a week.

a) biweekly      b) fortnightly   c) weekly         d) daily


1. Honorary

2. Aviary

3. Inflammable

4. Omniscient

5. Opaque

6. Notorious

7. Telepathy

8. Inaudible

9. Durable

10. Catalogue

11. Illiterate

12. Biweekly