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Parts of speech: exercise

February 12th, 2011 in Improve English

Name the part of speech of each italicized word in the following sentences.

1. He still lives in that country.

2. She spoke very fluently.

3. Iron and copper are useful metals.

4. He solved the problem quickly.

5. There is somebody behind the door.

6. He told us about his illness.

7. The jury found the accused guilty.

8. He divided his property among his four sons.

9. The police dispersed the crowd.

10. The French Army was defeated at Waterloo.

11. After the storm comes the calm.

12. He fell off the ladder.

13. I was working while you were playing.

14. The Hindus worship idols.

15. The rope was thin but it was strong.


1. Still: adverb (modifies the verb lives)

2. fluently: adverb (modifies the verb spoke)

3. useful: adjective (modifies the noun metals)

4. solved: verb, quickly: adverb (modifies the verb solved)

5. behind: preposition (shows the relation between the words somebody and door)

6. about: preposition

7. guilty: adjective (modifies the noun phrase ‘the accused’)

8. divided: verb, property: noun

9. dispersed: verb

10. French: adjective (modifies the noun army), army: noun

11. after: preposition

12. off: preposition

13. while: conjunction (joins the clauses ‘I was working’ and ‘you were playing’)

14. Hindus: noun, idols: noun

15. but: conjunction (joins the clauses ‘the rope was thin’ and ‘it was strong’)