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Phrasal Verbs Quiz II

February 13th, 2010 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate idioms or phrasal verbs

1.    Adversity often —————— virtues unsuspected before.

a)    Calls in
b)    Calls out
c)    Calls on
d)    Calls up

2.    They ——————- us yesterday.

a)    Called in
b)    Called on
c)    Called out
d)    Called up

3.    As I get old I find it difficult to ——————— past events.

a)    Call in
b)    Call up
c)    Call for
d)    Call on

4.    It is his son who ——————— the business in his absence.

a)    Carries out
b)    Carries on
c)    Carries away
d)    Carries off

5.    Without much difficulty he ——————- her ——————- to his views.

a)    Brought, around
b)    Brought, out
c)    Brought, up
d)    Brought, about

6.    He was ——————- by the failure of his business.

a)    Cast away
b)    Cast down
c)    Cast off
d)    Cast on

7.    The issue will again ——————— before the parliament during its next session.

a)    Come off
b)    Come up
c)    Come by
d)    Come on

8.    Having worked for several hours, I am quite ——————

a)    Done up
b)    Done for
c)    Done out
d)    Done in

9.    Sales ———————- during the fourth quarter of the year.

a)    Fell back
b)    Fell in
c)    Fell off
d)    Fell out

10.    We tried to tempt him with many offers, but nothing would —————— him.

a)    Work out
b)    Work on
c)    Work up
d)    Work for

11.    The shrewd politician knows how to ——————-the mob.

a)    Work out
b)    Work on
c)    Work for
d)    Work up

12.    When he became rich, he —————– his old friends.

a)    Threw over
b)    Threw up
c)    Threw out
d)    Threw away

13.    The factory ———————- 20,000 lbs of cloth everyday.

a)    Turns up
b)    Turns out
c)    Turns off
d)    Turns against

14.    He ——————– to be a traitor.

a)    Turned on
b)    Turned out
c)    Turned off
d)    Turned up

15.    He had promised to come, but didn’t ——————-

a)    Turned off
b)    Turned on
c)    Turned up
d)    Turned out


1.    Calls out (draw forth)
2.    Called on (Paid a brief visit)
3.    Call up (recollect)
4.    Carries on (manages)
5.    Brought, around (To bring somebody around is to convert him/her to your views.)
6.    Cast down (depressed)
7.    Come up
8.    Done up (fatigued, exhausted)
9.    Fell off (diminished)
10.    Work on (influence)
11.    Work up (excite)
12.    Threw over (abandoned or deserted)
13.    Turns out (produces, manufactures)
14.    Turned out (proved)
15.    Turned up (appeared)