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Phrasal verbs with come

September 7th, 2011 in Expressions

Come about
When something comes about, it happens without planning.

I don’t know how these things come about.
It was an unexpected discovery that came out while scientists were working on a different project.

Come across somebody / something
When you come across somebody you meet him or her by chance.

I am yet to come across a girl who doesn’t like ornaments.
I came across an old friend of mine during my holidays in Singapore.

Come across (to exhibit particular characteristics)

She comes across as an extremely intelligent woman.
Her ideas fail to come across in the article.

Come along (arrive at a place)

We needed someone who knew how to repair laptops, and Jake came along at just the right moment.

Come along can also mean ‘to go somewhere with someone’.

We are going to the theatre. Why don’t you come along?

Come apart
If things come apart they separate into pieces.

Come around/round (visit someone at their house)

Why don’t you come around for dinner next week?
It took me several hours to convince him that it was a good project, and finally he came around. (= he agreed to the idea or plan he was against)
I stayed next to her because I wanted to be there when she came around. (= when she becomes conscious again)