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Phrasal verbs concerning arrival and departure

April 4th, 2012 in English Learning

A large number of phrasal verbs made with the verbs in, off and out are used to talk about arrivals and departures. Here is a list of them.

Be off

I am off to the beach. (= I am going to the beach.)

I will be off in a few minutes. (= I will leave in a few minutes.)

Rush off

To rush off is to leave in a hurry.

He rushed off without saying a word.

Take off = start a flight

The plane took off at 6.30.

See somebody off

To see somebody off is to accompany them as they depart on a journey.

I went to the airport to see off my friend.

Scare / frighten somebody off

To scare / frighten somebody off is to cause them to leave by frightening them.

He scared the kids off.

He frightened the birds off.

Set off

To set off is to leave on a journey of some kind.

We set off early in the morning.

Start out

We started out on our journey.

Check out

To check out is to depart from a hotel

He has checked out.

Check in

To check in is to arrive at a hotel

He checked in at 8 am.

Due in

Used to talk about the time when people or vehicles would arrive.

Her baby is due in April.