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Phrasal verbs with live

October 8th, 2012 in Expressions

Some verbs are followed by prepositions or adverb particles. In grammars, these are called phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are very common in informal speech and writing.  Here is a list of phrasal verbs using the word live. Each phrasal verb if followed by its definition and example sentences.

Live off

To live off something is to survive or exist on something. Live off can also mean ‘use savings’.

He lives off his wife’s salary.

After paying for the divorce settlements he had little money to live off.

Live on

To live on a certain amount is to use it for basic needs. Live on can also mean ‘have as food or diet’.

As Joe hasn’t received his salary, we have nothing to live on this month.

Cows live on grass.

When a memory lives on, it is not forgotten.

Susie is no longer with us, but her memories still live on.

Live together

Live under the same roof without marrying.

They have been living together for several years.

Live with = accept something unpleasant

He had to live with the fact that he would be confined to the wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Live up to = fulfill expectations; reach the standard that has been set

Children often find it difficult to live up to their parents’ expectations.

Live through

To live through a tough phase is to survive it.

He lived through two World Wars.