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Phrasal Verbs Quiz

November 15th, 2010 in Vocabulary

Complete the following sentences using the appropriate phrasal verb.

1.       Physical exercise is a great way to  ————— one’s superfluous energy.

a)      Work off
b)      Take off
c)       Bring off
d)      Pull off

2.       The sufferings of the refugees ——————–our feelings.

a)      Worked upon
b)      Worked up
c)       Took off
d)      Worked out

3.       The feeling of strangeness soon ——————

a)      Wore off
b)      Took off
c)       Brought off
d)      Pulled off

4.       At last his patience ——————

a)      Wore out
b)      Wore off
c)       Wore away
d)      Wore on

5.       He was —————- an Englishman.

a)      Taken for
b)      Taken off
c)       Taken in
d)      Taken after

6.       When does the new manager ———————?

a)      Take off
b)      Take over
c)       Take on
d)      Take for

7.       I —————– the man at once.

a)      Took to
b)      Took for
c)       Took off
d)      Took on

8.       Although she made a sincere effort she couldn’t —————— a winning performance.

a)      Pull off
b)      Pull through
c)       Pull on
d)      Pull over

9.       He always —————- his rivals.

a)      Runs down
b)      Runs out
c)       Runs up
d)      Runs into

10.   Recently my expenses have ————— considerably.

a)      Run down
b)      Run up
c)       Run over
d)      Run down


1.       Work off  (get rid of)

2.       Worked upon  ( have a disturbing influence of upon)

3.       Wore off  (pass away)

4.       Wore out  (become exhausted)

5.       Taken for (consider to be)

6.       Take over (accept the transfer of duties etc.)

7.       Took to  (like)

8.       Pull off (be successful in doing etc)

9.       Runs down (disparages)

10.   Run up (increase)