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Proverbs Quiz

January 5th, 2010 in English Quiz

Test your knowledge of proverbs with the following quiz. What you need to do is to complete the proverb using a suggested answer.

1. A leopard can’t change its ————————–

a) Tail
b) Stripes
c) Spots
d) Nature

2. Every cloud has a silver —————————

a) Color
b) Hue
c) Lining
d) Finish

3. One man’s ———————– is another’s poison.

a) Food
b) Medicine
c) Meat
d) Drink

4. Familiarity ———————– contempt.

a) Makes
b) Breeds
c) Generates
d) Produces

5. Think before you ————————–

a) Leap
b) Jump
c) Run
d) Act

6. Don’t look a gift horse in the ————————-

a) Face
b) Head
c) Tummy
d) Mouth

7. People in glass houses should not ———————— stones.

a) Toss
b) Throw
c) Hurl
d) Collect

8. You can’t have your ————————– and eat it too.

a) Pudding
b) Cake
c) Meat
d) Ice cream

9. When in Rome ———————- as Romans do.

a) Act
b) Behave
c) Do
d) Think

10. Paddle your own ——————–

a) Boat
b) Yacht
c) canoe
d) rift

11. As you sow, so shall you ———————–

a) Reap
b) Harvest
c) Gain
d) Achieve

12. ————————- of all trades master of none.

a) Tom
b) Harry
c) Jack
d) Peter

13. A bad worker always blames his ———————–

a) Fate
b) Tools
c) Equipment
d) Misfortune

14. Don’t cry over split ———————

a) Milk
b) Butter
c) Porridge
d) Soup

15. A burnt child ———————– fire.

a) Fears
b) Hates
c) Dreads
d) Stops


1. Spots
2. Lining
3. Meat
4. Breeds
5. Leap
6. Mouth
7. Throw
8. Cake
9. Do
10. canoe
11. Reap
12. Jack
13. Tools
14. Milk
15. Dreads