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Punctuation Exercise

October 30th, 2017 in English Quiz

Capitalize wherever necessary and add appropriate punctuation marks.

1. manu is always late for school

2. what are you doing there

3. have you invited your friends to the party

4. you shouldnt have done this to him

5. i like rani and teena they are my best friends

6. why are you crying?

7. it is going to rain

8. my uncle and aunt are going to paris in summer

9. i have bought some oranges apples mangoes and cherries

10. i have a surprise for you

11. where is your pen

12. what a beautiful sight

13. what is the name of your school


1. Manu is always late for school.

2. What are you doing there?

3. Have you invited your friends to the party?

4. You shouldn’t have done this to him.

5. I like Rani and Teena. They are my best friends.

6. Why are you crying?

7. It is going to rain.

8. My uncle and aunt are going to Paris in summer.

9. I have bought some oranges, apples, mangoes and cherries.

10. I have a surprise for you.

11. Where is your pen?

12. What a beautiful sight!

13. What is the name of your school?