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Formation of questions exercise

August 22nd, 2011 in English Learning

Change the following statements into questions

1. James has gone home.

2. Peter has bought a new car.

3. He has done his homework.

4. The girls have gone to the market.

5. Jane speaks Spanish.

6. Mary is ill.

7. We are visiting them next week.

8. She is better now.

9. Alice can swim.

10. He will win the match.


1. Has James gone home?

2. Has Peter bought a new car?

3. Has he done his homework?

4. Have the girls gone to the market?

5. Does Jane speak Spanish?

6. Is Mary ill?

7. Are we visiting them next week?

8. Is she better now?

9. Can Alice swim?

10. Will he win the match?

Grammar notes

In a question the auxiliary verb comes before the subject.

She has come. (Statement)
Has she come? (Question)

If there is no other auxiliary verb, we use do, does or did to form the question.

He plays well. (Statement)
Does he play well? (Question)
She sings sweetly. (Statement)
Does she sing sweetly? (Question)

Do is not used together with other auxiliary verbs or with be.

She can knit. (Statement)
Can she knit? (Question) (NOT Does she can knit?)