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Form questions

November 28th, 2015 in English Learning

Frame questions for the following statements.

1. James works at a factory.

2. Mike lives with his parents.

3. Ram is learning his lessons.

4. Sonia is playing with her doll.

5. The masons are building the house.

6. Alice teaches at a primary school.

7. Sophia likes chocolates.

8. I want to become a doctor.

9. The film was interesting.

10. I have received your letter.

11. I visited my grandparents last week.

12. James was shocked to hear the news.

13. She bought a computer yesterday.

14. He called me in the morning.

15. Her attitude shocked me.

16. He can speak English well.

17. She should get his permission.


1. Does James work at a factory?

2. Does Mike live with his parents?

3. Is Ram learning his lessons?

4. Is Sonia playing with her doll?

5. Are the masons building the house?

6. Does Alice teach at a primary school?

7. Does Sophia like chocolates?

8. Do you want to become a doctor?

9. Was the film interesting?

10. Have you received my letter?

11. Did you visit your grandparents last week?

12. Was James shocked to hear the news?

13. Did she buy a computer yesterday?

14. Did he call you in the morning?

15. Did her attitude shock you?

16. Can he speak English well?

17. Should she get his permission?