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Using risk

September 12th, 2014 in Improve English

The word risk is a noun. It is not normally followed by an infinitive.

It is usually used in the pattern risk + of + -ing form.

Study the examples given below.

  • Smokers have a high risk of developing cancer. (NOT Smokers have a high risk to develop cancer.)
  • If you use a public Wi-Fi network you run the risk of getting your data stolen. (NOT If you use a public Wi-Fi network, you run the risk to get your data stolen.)

Risk can also be followed by a simple prepositional phrase.

The risk of another World War must be taken seriously.

Idiomatic expressions using the word risk

A good / bad risk

Borrowers who don’t have a good credit history are considered a bad risk and banks may reject their loan applications.

At risk

When you are at risk, you are in a situation where something dangerous can happen to you.

  • His life is at risk.

At risk to

When you do something at risk to yourself, you are endangering your own safety.

At your own risk

If you do something at your own risk, you are responsible for any damage that you may suffer as a result of doing something.

  • You can go there, but it is at your own risk.

Run the risk of something

To run the risk of something is to put yourself in a situation where something bad may happen.

  • I am not going to the party. I don’t want to run the risk of seeing him again.