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Sample Conversations in English

April 3rd, 2018 in English for children

Here are some sample conversations in English

Asking for direction

First speaker: Excuse me, is the railway station far from here?
Second speaker: Not really, but it’s a long way to walk. If you take the bus, you should reach there in five minutes.
First speaker: Where is the bus stop? Is it far from here?
Second speaker: No, it’s quite close. Go straight ahead. It’s on your left.
First speaker: Thank you very much.
Second speaker: That’s OK.

Conversation 2

First speaker: Excuse me, how far is it to the post office from here?
Second speaker: It’s about a mile from here. Take this road and go straight on past the traffic lights. At the second set of traffic lights, turn right. It’s on your left.
First speaker: Thank you very much.
Second speaker: Not mention it.

Asking about personal life

Conversation 1

First speaker: Are you married?
Second speaker: Yes, I’m.
First speaker: How long have you been married?
Second speaker: I’ve been married for ten years.
First speaker: Where did you get married?
Second speaker: We got married at a temple in Mysore.
First speaker: What does your husband do?
Second speaker: My husband is an engineer. He works for a telecom company.
First speaker: Do you have any children?
Second speaker: Yes, we’ve two children – a nine year old boy and a four year old girl.

Wishing good luck

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!
Amar: You look so worried, Jeena. Do you have something on your mind?
Jeena: I’m worried about my results. They’ll announce it tomorrow.
Amar: Don’t worry. You’ll get good marks.
Jeena: I hope so.
Amar: Come on Jeena. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
To keep your fingers crossed is to hope for the best.