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Mealtime Conversation

July 1st, 2019 in English Learning

In English, there are no fixed expressions that we can use before and after meals. During the meals it is quite common for family members or guests to say something complimentary about the food.

When people drink socially they often raise their glasses and say something. Cheers!is the most common expression used on such occasions.

When people drink to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday, a wedding or a promotion, they often say Here’s to… !

Here’s to your promotion!

Here’s to your anniversary!

Here are some conversations about eating and food.

Conversation 1

I’m on a diet to lose weight!

Storyline: Anita is on a diet but her friends coax her into eating a bowl of ice cream. Here is a sample conversation.

Mary: Would you like to have some ice-cream? I’ve got a quite a few flavours to choose from – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee. You name it, I’ve got it.

Anne: I’d like to, but I can’t. I’m on a diet. My dietician will kill me if I eat ice-creams.

Mary: You’re on a diet? What for? You already have a great figure.

Anne: Thanks for the compliment. Actually, I’m trying to fit into my old jeans so I’ve got to lose at least five kilos.

Mary: Oh, come on, Anita. It’s just a bite. It wouldn’t hurt your plans.

Anne: No, I won’t. Please don’t tempt me. Please.

Mary:  Now this is what I’d call determination. If I were you, I’d finish that bowl in a matter of seconds.