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Short Answers Quiz II

January 29th, 2010 in English Quiz

Answer the following questions in the affirmative. Four suggested answers are given below each question. Choose the correct one.

1.    Can you knit?

a)    No, I can’t
b)    Yes, I can
c)    Yes, I can’t
d)    No,  I can

2.    Are you coming with us?

a)    No, I am
b)    Yes, I am
c)    Yes, I am not
d)    No, I am not

3.    Do you like mangoes?

a)    Yes, I do
b)    Yes, I don’t
c)    No, I do
d)    No, I don’t

4.    Are you angry with me?

a)    Yes, I am not
b)    Yes, I am
c)    No, I am not
d)    No, I am

5.    Is it going to rain?

a)    Yes, it is
b)    Yes, it isn’t
c)    No, it is
d)    No, it isn’t

6.    Am I in your way?

a)    Yes, you are
b)    No, you are
c)    No, you aren’t
d)    Yes, you aren’t

7.    Does he smoke?

a)    Yes, he does
b)    No, he does not
c)    Yes, he does not
d)    No, he does

8.    Did you attend the meeting yesterday?

a)    Yes, I did
b)    No, you did
c)    Yes, I didn’t
d)    No, I didn’t

9.    Is Alice your friend?

a)    Yes, she is
b)    No, she is
c)    Yes, she isn’t
d)    No, she isn’t

10.    Have you met him?

a)    No, I have
b)    Yes, I have
c)    Yes, I haven’t
d)    No, I haven’t

11.    Do you like reading?

a)    No, I do
b)    Yes, I do
c)    Yes, I don’t
d)    No, I don’t

12.    Did you meet him yesterday?

a)    Yes, I didn’t
b)    Yes, I did
c)    No, I didn’t
d)    No, I did


1.    Yes, I can
2.    Yes, I am
3.    Yes, I do
4.    Yes, I am
5.    Yes, it is
6.    Yes, you are
7.    Yes, he does
8.    Yes, I did
9.    Yes, she is
10.    Yes, I have
11.    Yes, I do
12.    Yes, I did