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Common similes

March 2nd, 2016 in English Grammar

Some common similes are given below.

As alike as two peas: The twins are as alike as two peas.

As cheap as dirt: Nowadays tomatoes are as cheap as dirt.

As clumsy as a bear: Peter is as clumsy as a bear. How is he going to dance?

As black as coal: He was as black as coal when he finished working in the garage.

As dull as ditchwater: The movie was as dull as ditchwater.

As blind as a bat: If I don’t wear my glasses, I am as blind as a bat.

As wet as a fish: When he reached home, he was as wet as a fish.

As busy as a bee: I was as busy as a bee the whole of yesterday.

As gentle as a lamb: She is as gentle as a lamb.

As graceful as a swan: The dancer was as graceful as a swan.

As light as a feather: Her new gown was as light as a feather.

As loud as thunder: His yell was as loud as thunder.

As noiseless as a shadow: The thief was as noiseless as a shadow.

As quick as lightning: The blow was as quick as lightning.

As simple as ABC: Arithmetic is as simple as ABC to me.

As troublesome as a monkey: My nephew is as troublesome as a monkey.

As warm as toast: The room as warm as toast, so I put the cooling on.