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Conversion of a compound sentence into a simple sentence

January 25th, 2012 in English Learning

A compound sentence can be converted into a simple sentence by reducing one or more main clauses into a word or phrase.

Study the following examples.

Compound: He must run fast or he will not catch the train.

Simple: He must run fast to catch the train.

Compound: The sun rose and the sky cleared.

Simple: The sun having risen the sky cleared.

Compound: He repeatedly failed but he did not give up.

Simple: In spite of his repeated failures, he did not give up.

Compound: They not only looted the shop, but also set it on fire.

Simple: Besides looting the shop, they set it on fire.

Compound: He was lazy; therefore he failed.

Simple: Being lazy he failed.

Compound: They did not have sufficient funds. They had to abandon the project.

Simple: Owing to the lack of funds, they had to abandon the project.

Compound: The sky was clear. We resumed our journey.

Simple: The sky being clear we resumed our journey.

Compound: The child found her mother absent. She began to cry.

Simple: Finding her mother absent, the child began to cry.

Compound: He not only recommended me to several employers, but lent me some money also.

Simple: Besides recommending me to several employers, he also lent me some money.