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Common mistakes

November 27th, 2011 in Common Mistakes

Common mistakes are mistakes that people make all the time. There are several common mistakes in English. The most common among them are given below.

So do I, neither did I

The structure ‘so + auxiliary + subject’ is used to add a positive remark to a positive statement.

My father likes theater. So do I. (= Both my father and me like theater.)

‘I am interested in the supernatural.’ ‘So am I.’

My sister wants to be a pilot. So do I. (= Both of us want to be pilots.)

Neither do I

The structure ‘neither + auxiliary verb + subject’ is used to add a negative remark to a negative statement.

James didn’t come. Neither did Peter.

My mother doesn’t eat meat. Neither do I.

‘I haven’t seen a good movie for a long time.’ ‘Neither have I.

He won’t be able to attend the conference. Neither will I.

Such and so

Such is used before a noun (with or without an adjective).

She is such a beautiful girl.

So is used before an adjective.

She is so beautiful.

So…that, such…that

Such in ‘such…that’ is followed by a noun phrase or its equivalent.

It was such a cold afternoon that we didn’t go out.

So in ‘so…that’ is followed by an adjective.

It was so cold that we didn’t go out.