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Sample Conversations About Likes And Dislikes

October 9th, 2018 in English for children

What kind of music do you listen to?

John: Do you listen to music?
Sophie: I listen to music every day.
John: What kind of music do you listen to?
Sophie: I listen to all sorts of music. My MP3 player is full of jazz, rock and other sorts of music. I also like to listen to country music.
John: I only listen to pop music. I’m not really interested in classical music. I find it somewhat slow.
Sophie: Well, at first I didn’t like it to, but my father was crazy about country music. When I was a kid he’d often take me to live country music concerts. And over the years I developed a taste for it. Now I make it a point to listen to live music whenever I can.


When you are crazy about something, you absolutely love it.

I’m more into action films

Ricky: What kind of films do you like best?
Vicky: I like comedies. And you?
Ricky: I’m more into action thrillers.
Vicky: Really? I rarely watch them. Who’s your favourite actor?
Ricky: Tom Cruise.
Vickyy: Don’t you watch Indian films?
Ricky: Yeah, I do.

Do you play any instruments?

John: Do you play any instruments?
Samuel: Yes, I play the violin and the guitar.
John: How did you learn to play them? Did you go to a music school?
Samuel: Yes, I went to a music academy. Actually I’ve been playing the guitar for 12 years.
John: Great. Can you sing?
Samuel: Yes, I’m in a band.
John: So you’re quite a guy. I’m impressed.
Samuel: What sort of music do you like?
John: Anything, really. I listen to lots of different stuff, but I can’t sing.