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English Vocabulary – Synonyms Quiz 1

September 27th, 2010 in Vocabulary

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which means most nearly the same as the given keyword.

1. Abroad

a) at home
b) inside
c) outside
d) pensive

2. Accuse

a) exonerate
b) vindicate
c) create
d) impeach

3. Compassion

a) severe
b) commiseration
c) malignant
d) cruelty

4. Embrace

a) welcome
b) renounce
c) spurn
d) disdain

5. Fragile

a) tough
b) sturdy
c) hardy

d) frail

6. Grandiose

a) undignified
b) elegant
c) pompous
d) lowly

7. Indolent

a) diligent
b) assiduous
c) supple
d) slothful

8. Inebriated

a) temperate
b) tasteful
c) intoxicated
d) indulgent

9. Jargon

a) tact
b) language
c) drivel
d) danger

10. Languish

a) assuage
b) wither
c) suppress
d) rejuvenate

11. Lewd

a) vulgar
b) decent
c) bashful
d) meek

12. Lunacy

a) sanity
b) aberration
c) argument
d) mind

13. Mediocre

a) singular
b) uncommon
c) average
d) exceptional

14. Morose

a) hilarious
b) amiable
c) blithe
d) ill-humored

15. Nonplus

a) illumine
b) perplex
c) instruct
d) solve

16. Predicament

a) plight
b) succour
c) solace
d) satisfaction

17. Quaint

a) familiar
b) customary
c) uncommon
d) everyday

18. Rigorous

a) melodious
b) tender
c) stern

d) lenient

19. Uncouth

a) refined
b) concluded
c) consummated
d) uncivil

20. Waspish

a) affable
b) genial
c) pleasant
d) resentful


1. outside
2. impeach
3. commiseration
4. welcome
5. frail
6. pompous
7. slothful
8. intoxicated
9. language
10. wither
11. vulgar
12. aberration
13. average
14. ill-humored
15. perplex
16. plight
17. uncommon
18. stern
19. uncivil
20. resentful