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Take, put and bring

July 11th, 2011 in Words

Take can be used as the opposite of give. It means ‘gain possession of’, ‘receive’, ‘obtain’ and ‘remove’.

Don’t take more than you give.
Everybody likes to give advice, but few can take it.
‘He is not in at the moment. Can I take a message?’
He has taken my money.

Take can be followed by two objects.

They took everything from me.
I didn’t take a penny from him.

Take as the opposite of put

Take can be used as the opposite of put. With this meaning it is used to talk about moving things away from their places.

He took off his coat.

To talk about taking things out of a place, we can use prepositions / particles like out of, from and off.

He took a pen from his pocket.
He took some money out of his purse.
Take that cap off the chair and sit down.

Take as the opposite of bring

Take can be the opposite of bring with a similar meaning to ‘transport’ or ‘carry’. With this meaning, take is used for movements which are not towards the speaker or listener.

I will take you to the station tomorrow morning. (Movement towards the station)