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Tenses overview (active verb forms)

December 22nd, 2011 in English Grammar

Here is a list of all the active affirmative verb forms of the ordinary English verb work.

Simple present

I work; he/she/it works; they/we work; you work

Present continuous

I am working; he/she/it is working; they/we are working; you are working

Present perfect

I have worked; he/she/it has worked; they/we have worked; you have worked

Present perfect continuous

I have been working; he/she/it has been working; they/we have been working; you have been working

Simple past

I worked; he/she/it worked; they/we worked; you worked

Past continuous

I was working; he/she/it was working; they/we were working; you were working

Past perfect

I had worked; he/she/it had worked; they/we had worked; you had worked

Past perfect continuous

I had been working; he/she/it had been working; they/we had been working; you had been working

Simple future

I will/shall work; he/she/it will work; they will work; we will /shall work; you will work

Future continuous

I will/shall be working; he/she/it will be working; they will be working; we will/shall be working; you will be working

Future perfect

I will/shall have worked; he/she/it will have worked; they will have worked; we will/shall have worked; you will have worked

Future perfect continuous

I will/shall have been working; he/she/it will have been working; they will have been working; we will/shall have been working; you will have been working