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Tenses Quiz

February 19th, 2010 in English Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

1.    The teacher told us that honest ——————— the best policy.

a)    Is
b)    Was
c)    Has
d)    Have

2.    I have ——————– the work.

a)    Finishing
b)    Finish
c)    Finished
d)    Been finished

3.    It started raining while we ———————- tennis.

a)    Are playing
b)    Have played
c)    Were playing
d)    Have been playing

4.    I ———————- yoga for five years.

a)    Have been practicing
b)    Am practicing
c)    Have practicing
d)    Am practiced

5.    The fish —————– awful.

a)    Taste
b)    Tasted
c)    Was tasting
d)    Has tasted

6.    He ———————- out five minutes ago.

a)    Has gone
b)    Went
c)    Go
d)    Was going

7.    His father ——————- two years ago.

a)    Has died
b)    Died
c)    Was died
d)    Is died

8.    Charles ———————- to be a doctor.

a)    Want
b)    Wants
c)    Is wanting
d)    Has wanting

9.    We ——————- up all night.

a)    Staying
b)    Has staying
c)    Stayed
d)    Had staying

10.    She jumped off the train while it ——————–

a)    Moved
b)    Had moved
c)    Was moving
d)    Have moving

11.    I will phone you when he ———————-

a)    Came
b)    Is coming
c)    Comes
d)    Had come

12.    Unless we ——————– now we won’t reach in time.

a)    Starts
b)    Start
c)    Started
d)    Was starting

13.    I ———————- the job by then.

a)    Will have finished
b)    Will finished
c)    Was finished
d)    Had been finishing

14.    By the end of this month I ———————– here for ten years.

a)    Will work
b)    Work
c)    Will have worked
d)    Had worked

15.    This time tomorrow I ———————– on the beach in Singapore.

a)    Will sit
b)    Will be sitting
c)    Was sitting
d)    Had sat


1.    Is
2.    Finished
3.    Were playing
4.    Have been practicing
5.    Tasted
6.    Went
7.    Died
8.    Wants
9.    Stayed
10.    Was moving
11.    Comes
12.    Start
13.    Will have finished
14.    Will have worked
15.    Will be sitting