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TOEFL Vocabulary Exercise

December 18th, 2012 in TOEFL

A good knowledge of English vocabulary is absolutely essential for success in standardized tests like TOEFL and IELTS. Test your English vocabulary skills with this exercise.

Against each keyword are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the keyword.

1. Kemp

a)      brave warrior           b) professional fighter   c)       loser           d)      athlete       e)      spiritual

2. Kindle

a)      Inflame      b)      put off        c)       awaken     d)      recognize  e)      lavish

3. Kindred

a)      Family         b)      Industrial   c)       Sharp          d)      Strangers  e)      affinity

4. Kinky

a)      Conventional           b)      Magnificent             c)       Royal          d)      Absurd       e)      strange

5. Knack

a)      Dexterity   b)      Talent         c)       Balance      d)      Ineptitude                e)      fortunate

6. Knave

a)      Villain          b)      Dishonest                 c)       Hero           d)      Ornamental             e)      deadly

7. Knotty

a)      Easy             b)      involved    c)       intricate     d)      assuming   e)      respectful

8. Kook

a)      Peculiar      b)      Foolish       c)       Sane           d)      Illiterate     e)      fascinating

9. Latent

a)      Undeveloped          b)      Gay              c)       Convincing               d)      Conspicuous            e)      dormant

10. Liable

a)      Immune     b)      Amenable                 c)       Frivolous                   d)      Mean          e)      tangential


1.     loser (Kemp = a champion or warrior)

2.    put off (Kindle = ignite)

3.    strangers (Kindred = a group of related persons)

4.    conventional (Kinky = unconventional; appealing to bizarre tastes)

5.    ineptitude (Knack = a clever way of doing something)

6.    hero (Knave = an unprincipled fellow)

7.    easy (Knotty = difficult to understand)

8.    sane (Kook = an eccentric or crazy person)

9.    conspicuous (Latent = present but not evident or active)

10.   immune (Liable = legally obligated; responsible)