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Synonyms exercise

November 27th, 2013 in English Quiz

In each sentence given below a word or phrase is underlined. From the given options choose the word / phrase closest in meaning to the underlined part.

1. Grouping stars by their constellations is a handy way of mapping the sky.

a) funny

b) nice

c) convenient

d) simple

2. Centuries ago, a nomadic tribe besieged the temple to loot its treasure.

a) wild

b) barbarous

c) brave

d) roving

3. It was a momentous moment in the history of the nation.

a) insignificant

b) important

c) sudden

d) transient

4. This is not an exhaustive list of collocations.

a) complete

b) tiring

c) useful

d) adequate

5. The committee decided to expel the new member.

a) detain

b) remove

c) preserve

d) reserve

6. The teacher berated his students.

a) praised

b) advised

c) reproached

d) supervised

7. When the leadership changed, his position in the organization became precarious.

a) secure

b) exalted

c) uncertain

d) important

8. There was no doubt that the judgment was fair.

a) upright

b) insincere

c) biased

d) inconsiderate

9. Her silence was taken as tacit agreement.

a) hostile

b) implied

c) overt

d) general


1. convenient

2. roving

3. important

4. complete

5. remove

6. reproached

7. uncertain

8. upright

9. implied